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What’s my story

Hello, I’m Patrick Glynn.

I create experiences for people and value for business.
I’m at the intersection between business strategy, technology and design. This has given me a unique set of skills and entrepreneurial mindset that usually solves problems innovatively.

I’m a product designer at heart but have also written a book: The Innovation Experience. I was the previous millennial Innovation advisor to the Deloitte Africa Deputy CEO, and I co-founded the tech startup; Hirebase. (learned a lot from that failure)

I’ve been lucky enough to have had the chance to work with amazing and humble people throughout my life, who encouraged me to keep challenging myself. In 2018 I joined Leadhome as the head of product and user experience, this modern real estate agency has since grown by 871%

It’s been the most challenging and rewarding experience in my life so far.

p.s. I enjoy board-games, technology and puns.

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